Wheel 5 X 2 ยท PHENOLIC

Item # : CW5200PHRB

5 X 2" PHENOLIC WHEEL, 3/4 RB, 2-3/16 HL, 900 CAP

Phenolic wheels are made of a macerated canvas or fibre-filler impregnated with phenolic resin and moulded under extreme heat and pressure into a product with a uniformly hard, smooth finish. The resulting wheel is resistant to corrosion from oil, water, grease and most commonly used solvents. It's uniformly hard surface means it rolls very easily, but it is not as hard on floor surfaces as metallic wheels and will not leave marks like some rubber wheels can.


Item Weight
1.94 lb
Weight Capacity Specific
Weight Category
Medium Weight
Weight Measure
Wheel Bearing
Roller Bearing w/ sleeve or outer raceway
Wheel Diameter
Wheel Face
Wheel Material
Wheel Width