Tire (fees apply) 25x8-11 ITP Mud Lite AT

Item # : TTA250811 MLA AI

25x8-11 ITP (56A320) Mud Lite AT 21/32" Tread Depth 6ply (16.8lbs) (355lb cap) (24.9"OD@7PSI)

Sized for use on most late model, high performance sport ATV's. High-tech tread design and carcass construction make this a mud tire that designed for high-performance trail riding, and a high-performance trail tire that can tame muddy conditions like no knobby tire could! Surprisingly light, reducing un-sprung weight and allowing that high-tech suspension to maintain its maximum effectiveness.

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Item Weight
25.0 lb
product type
Tire (fees apply)
Tire Application
All Conditions
Tire Diameter
Tire Manufacturers
Tire Ply
6 Ply
Tire Psi
Tire Rim Diameter
Tire Size
Tire Tread
General Purpose
Tire Tread Depth
21/32" Lug
Tire Tred Depth
21/32" Lug
Tire Type
Weight Capacity Specific
355 lbs