Tire (fees apply) 28x10-R15 ARISUN After Shock XO (AR33) Radial 8ply

Item # : TTA281015 AR33 AR

28x10-R15 ARISUN After Shock XO (AR33) Radial 19/32" Tread Depth 8ply (33.99lbs)

CROSS TERRAIN - XTREME DUTY Closely spaced tread blocks provide a smooth ride on hard pack surfaces with siped knobs that are compliant climbing over rocks. Specially formulated rubber compound is flexable yet durable for harsh conditions found in Desert Cross Racing.

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Item Weight
40.0 lb
product type
Tire (fees apply)
Tire Application
All Conditions
Tire Diameter
Tire Manufacturers
Tire Ply
6 Ply
Tire Rim Diameter
Tire Size
Tire Tread
General Purpose
Tire Tread Depth
19/32" Lug
Tire Tred Depth
19/32" Lug
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